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The primary goal of this website is to provide you with a logical approach to managing your stock/futures position, portfolio or intra-day trading with Midas Technical Analysis. I am not a believer in the blind buy and hold approach recommended by the average brokerage. The tools contained here will empower you to make your own buy/sell decisions to confirm any trade being recommended by your broker, or anyone else. If you are a more experienced trader, you will rapidly wish you had been using midas analysis to help confirm your trade entries whether those were short or longer term.

Midas Technical Analysis – A VWAP approach to the market

Many people believe the U.S. has overextended itself financially. There is certainly an argument for this point of view. As a result, the first section of FinanceResource will be dedicated to several trading instruments that will be significantly impacted should there be a protracted bear market as a result. The very same analysis should also be able to take advantage of continuing bullish conditions should they persist. The goal here is to help you recognize ominous warning signs that generally precede major market collapse, while helping you take advantage of opportunities that present themselves – using midas method technical analysis.

Would knowing important support and resistance areas have been useful to you in this major market collapse?  A simple Midas trend analysis would have helped your clarity.
Midas Curve Daily

Trading Confidence

  • Knowing where real Support and Resistance is hiding
  • Accuracy and precise Execution
  • Use the TopBottom Finder indicator to assess likely end of trend zones

Midas S/R is for:

  • Long Term Investors
  • Swing Traders
  • Day Traders

Being flexible in the markets is of paramount importance. Conviction is key but it is equally important that your conviction line up with what is actually happening in the market prior to taking a position. The Midas vwap technical analysis approach can help with this. Conviction, flexibility and a little humility are keys to successfully managing your wealth. Fighting the market from a position of personal certainty has resulted in many ruined traders and investors. Taking what you think you know, waiting for the market to show you that it agrees and then acting on your belief is a successful equation. Better yet, have no opinion and act on what the market is literally telling you to do in the present. This may sound a little esoteric, but I assure you that a stock chart might as well be a Rorshack Test. Learning to see what is actually there, and modifying your behavior to be in alignment with your unbiased ‘seeing’ is not always as easy as it sounds.

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